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  Important notes

Here you can remove the IP address from our blacklist before schedule and free of charge.

Please use this service only if your email provider has taken all appropriate steps to prevent your host from being abused again. The technical support of your internet service provider finds all necessary information within the error message which brought you here, on the preceding page, and here: http://zy0.de/q/ The longer the host with this IP address is an active spam source the more blacklists will include it and the more recipients will decide not to accept emails from there.

You can reach a person who is responsible for your host via email: anti-spam@chinatelecom.cn (contact data provided by abusix.org).

Remove IP address (Makes only sense if the spam source has been eliminated since it is the blacklisting reason.)

Please fill out this form completely and truthfully or let your support do so:
IP address to be removed
When and how did you inform your email provider about this issue and how will he deal with it? Please add the contact information and the ticket number (if available).
What's your name?
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